Chalk painting: The easy, DIY project to enhance your home!

Chalk painting is an easy and fun do-it-yourself (DIY) painting project for your home in 2020! It can be used on furniture, glass, pottery, and more!

The chalk paint we have available at First Impressions is made by Chalk Country Paint, a family-owned and operated company since 1983. We have a wide variety of beautiful colors, from Baked Clay to Frosted Shadow, Santa’s Coal to Dark Chocolate.

The uniqueness of chalk paint

Chalk Country Paint is unique in many ways. It can be thinned or thickened; different colors can be mixed to achieve a perfect light/dark balance; it generally covers most pieces in one coat; it gives your piece a flowing and luscious look, not a grainy one; and most importantly, it enhances the look of your piece, rather than just changing it.

Below are some simple instructions for applying Chalk Country Paint to your favorite pieces. If you’d like a more personalized experience, bring your piece into First Impressions, where we will be happy to help and coach you in chalk painting!

Easy and hassle-free chalk painting tips

1. Apply your first coat and allow 20 minutes for drying to your touch. Apply a second coat if needed, and allow for an additional 20 minutes for drying.

2. Give your piece 4-6 hours for the chalk paint to cure.

3. Seal your chalk painted piece with gel rub, flat varnish, or tinting glaze.

Our recommendation

We at First Impressions discovered that flat varnish or tinting glaze gives two unique looks: Flat varnish gives your piece an antiqued, hand-rubbed finish, and tinting glaze gives the existing color of your piece a worn, shadowed look.

Check out these chalk-painted products!

Need a preview of chalk painting? Check out our Instagram and Facebook pages for a short clip of our chalk painting of an end-table. We chalk-painted this end-table with one coat in just 30 minutes! Then we dry-brushed the table using Old Master’s refinishing gel rub in driftwood color then in walnut color.

Chalk painting is painting without the stress or hassle!

On the right, our end-table “before” chalk paint and glaze. To the left, the finished product!